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What Makes The Perfect Home Cinema?

What Makes A Good Home Cinema System – Read Our Insight!

Our customers often ask us ‘what makes a good home cinema system?’ – this month we have put together a descriptive blog analysis the two core features of a home cinema system, Picture and Sound.

Why Picture Makes Perfect For Home Cinema

Sound is the key to creating atmosphere but picture size and quality is the essential component to creating the perfect home cinema.

When deciding how you want your cinema to look, It’s important to consider the space you have available. Evaluate if you looking to go down the route of the complete cinema experience by installing a large screen or the popular option of a projector.

When selecting a television its important to pick one which fits the dimensions of your room. Position the television no higher than 15 degrees from eye height (1.1m when sitting) for comfortable viewing. You should also be aiming for 1080p as a minimum standard to get top quality picture. This will ensure you can enjoy HD sport and the latest blurays in the utmost quality.

When creating a home cinema before considering what type of system you would like to install it is important to evaluate the area in which you plan to create your new home cinema. Fundamental factors such as room size & shape, flooring, television size & positioning and even movie player all dramatically affect the viewing and audio quality of your home cinema.

Make the right noises to create the perfect atmosphere.

When it comes to sound, a good home cinema should boast superb surround sound with at least 5.1 surround sound, 5.1 surround sound consists of 3 front speakers (left, centre, right), 2 surround speakers (back left, back right) and a top quality sub-woofer which provides a richer listening experience. Smarta’s dedicated home installation teams have experience in installing a comprehensive range of sound systems which includes 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 channel sound systems.

Most believe that to get good sound quality speakers need to be large however; this is not the case as five small satellites of the same size or tactically placed ceiling speakers offer the perfect surround sound experience for any sized home cinema theater. Multi room audio systems can also help share sound around your home.

In addition to captivating surround sound, dialogue should be clear and crisp accompanied by realistic sound effects that allow the viewer to become completely immersed in the film. To maximise sound quality install your home cinema in a room which does not have hardwood or laminate flooring or any naked windows as these all bounce sound, to prevent flooring and windows from bouncing sound install carpet (or opt for a thick large rug) and purchase thick curtains for the windows.

Time to create your very own Home Cinema?

This blog was created by home automation specialists Smarta Technology. A market leader in the home automation industry, Smarta Technology can offer clients a range of bespoke home cinema installations using the latest HD and 3D Technology.
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