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Game ON! Time for a gamers room in your home?

What Makes A Great Gamer Room?

With the news that the latest edition of Grand Theft Auto made a whopping $500 million in 24 hours and of course the tiny news of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One battling it out for the title of ultimate gaming device in November, it’s a great time to be a gamer!

Considering that during games, you’ll be scoring goals, completing missions, hiding from the cops, and of course checking out the local ladies, its more than likely you are going to be fairly detached from reality! So investing in a games room is not only a great way of keeping pixelated street walkers from your living room, but can also enhance the experience away from distractions, or where you are becoming a distraction yourself.

Kitting out the perfect games room can be serious business, but money spent on getting it right can turn an empty room into a social hub, entertainment centre and a great zone to relax and unwind (depending on your levels of gamer rage). By breaking down gamer room must haves into three categories, beginner, intermediate and expert, it’s easy to match your level of gaming, to how best to kit out your room.


Obviously a games room must have games, so in the more technical word you’ll need at least one gaming system, a couple of controllers and a decent sized TV to play it on. If multiplayer is your thing, bean bags or even gaming chairs so your friends can get in on the fun too, or a good quality headset to chat online.


Serious gamers invest more time in their games rooms, rather than using it as an excuse to pad out a spare room, it should show purpose. Black out blinds create an atmosphere, and sofas make it great for also unwinding with movies, with bonus points for corner seats for maximum places for people.  Creating a free space for interactive games with Kinect compatibility and the wii, or rocking out to guitar hero also means you can really let yourself go without knocking over any valuables!


Expert gamers (or at least those that rank themselves highly) would have achieved this status by creating a true gaming haven. With surround sound (combined with room soundproofing), 62 inch TV and moonlighting, the game room should feel like an experience to enter, and of course with a mini fridge of snacks to enter your valiant journey into your chosen choice of digital world.

Most games rooms will start off small, usually as part of the living room get up or bedroom corners and slowly grow as time passes, but over time it makes sense to upgrade them to their own space. There is a huge difference between playing a game on a screen, and enjoying a game as part of an experience that the whole family will be able to make use of.

Time to create your own games room?

If you would like to discuss creating your own games room or home cinema entertainment room why not contact Smarta Technology today! Our experienced team of electrical engineers can install anything from mood lighting, heating, home cinema screens or even multi room audio to share all the action of your gaming marathon around your home!

To find our more please visit or call 02920 006588.

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