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Time for technophobes to embrace Home Automation?

Why have technophobes embraced Home Automation?

A technophobe is a word used to describe someone with a fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices.  When demonstrating our range of home automation products we often meet people who claim to be technophobes. But why this fear of technology? Isn’t it time to embrace digital technology across our homes?

Despite pre-conceived perceptions of home automation, the last decade has seen a dramatic rise in the number of software and hardware products within the smart home industry. These new products have been purposely designed to make your life easier using innovative user-friendly technology. Common suggestions from technophobes that they are ‘technically challenged’ when considering a home automation installation is no longer an obstacles as systems can be tailored to individuals specific needs – whether it’s a simple lighting control system or the complete rewire of their home.

Designed to improve your day-to-day life, home automation provides homeowners with the opportunity to simplify and control everything within the home. Even the biggest technophobes would appreciate the range of different benefits a home automation system could offer.  Why tolerate numerous remote controls cluttering the coffee table, ugly wires tangled around your home entertainment system or the costs of leaving the heating and lights on when your not at home? It’s time to embrace technology and take control with Control4.

 Here are our top 5 reasons why even the biggest technophobes will love home automation:

  1. Take Control! Control4 home automation systems empower homeowners to control almost anything in the home. Using smart switches and mobile devices you can control entertainment, lighting, heating and security from almost anywhere in the world.
  2. Win back the living room! The kids are playing their games console in the home cinema room and Mum and Dad want to start Friday’s family movie night. Take control, with a simple switch of a button the room can be primed for movie watching without changing sources or input cables. The mood lighting dims the room, the blinds and curtains close and the TV powers on via Control4. Now its time to pick the movie, don’t worry a wealth of movies stored on a central database will solve that problem!
  3. It’s time to go to school! Get the children out of bed with a flick of a switch. The Control4 keypad enables you to play music in every bedroom of the home and even automates messages to make announcements for example ‘its time to get up’ or ‘breakfast is ready’. You may never be late again!
  4. Even a technophobe will love Control4 smart security systems! Let’s assume you take a trip up to Brecon Beacons for the weekend and leave your home under the supervision of a neighbor or house sitter. You don’t have to spend all weekend worrying about unlocked doors, the garage door being left open, lights being left on and more. All you need is your smartphone or tablet device to see which doors are locked or unlocked, which lights need to be turned off or on, and whether or not you need to shut the garage door. You have the power to control almost anything in your home remotely using a Smartphone or tablet device. With Control4 CCTV security systems you can view any room in your home remotely from anywhere in the world.
  5. Add value to your home! Home automation provides a unique way for homeowners to add value to their properties. With the tough economic climate, home automation can future proof a property and provide a unique selling point in the competitive property market.

So if you’re a technophobe, we dare you to embrace smart technology and visit our new interactive showroom to test out the latest innovations within the home automation industry! For more information please visit


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