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iPhone5 Review: A Home Automation Perspective

iPhone5 Review: A Home Automaton Perspective.

Review of iPhone5: What’s New?

It’s little surprise that the iPhone5 has already sold out in most major high street phone retailers. The sixth version of the ground-breaking iPhone series features several key upgrades from previous generations while maintaining Apples core values of style and quality.

The standout changes on the latest iPhone5 include a larger screen, housed in a thinner shell, with a faster processor, improved camera optics and better connectivity using high-speed 4G cellular data.

Apple says the new A6 processor is up to twice as fast as the iPhone 4S. In several independent tests its difficult to disagree with results showing speeds of over 2.6 times faster than the iPhone4s. This makes the iPhone5 the fastest smartphone ever created giving users the power to process data at speeds you would expect from a desktop PC or laptop device.

Other useful improvements include the development of the front camera, which can now capture HD video. The improved front camera enables users to make FaceTime calls over cellular 3G or 4G connections.

Review of iPhone 5: A Home Automation Perspective

The evolution of mobile phones is enlightening. What was once a must have device to simply dial and receive telephone calls has now evolved into a powerful mobile communications device which enables users to do pretty much anything that a desktop computer can offer.

But what does this mean for home automation users? Well, the iPhone 5s new A6 processor enables faster data processing providing customers with a more efficient way of accessing a Control4 music library or browsing the latest apps.

Apple has satisfied customer requirements for a larger screen similar to the HTC and Samsung devices. The larger 2.5 inch screen makes it easier to scroll through icons in the Control4 menu and with its HD screen users can watch HD movies wirelessly from a variety of sources on the web.

If you have a home automation system that enables remote access to CCTV Security Cameras then the iPhone5s larger screen gives you a clearer video feed directly from your security cameras around your home. Which with the launch of the 4G network will maintain a consistent real time feed.

Review of iPhone5: Conclusion

The iPhone 5 is simply the world’s greatest Smartphone. Its larger screen makes it easier to navigate through apps and stream videos while we like the new iOS 6 panorama picture mode where users can sweep the phone round a room to create a panoramic photo.

The HD screen enables unrivalled video performance while the upgraded A6 processor provides users with an efficient way of scrolling and controlling devices around your home.

Many would argue that the major problem with the iPhone 5 is the restrictions of only being able to downloading apps from the iTunes store with no open source content available to users. Also the new charger cable has been created to assist with the phones smaller frame, this means your old iPhone, iPad or iPod charges simply will not work on this device.

The growth of Smart TV’s will be the next big step for Apple as they look to integrate apps to control home automation and home cinema functions. We are excited to see how this progresses in 2013.  But in the meantime if you’re looking for the best mobile phone to assist with home automation control its difficult to look further than the iPhone5.

iPhone5 Review Score: 5/5

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