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Are you ready to let an Android into your home? Google hopes so!

Are you ready to let an Android into your home? Google certainly hopes so!

Google has this month taken a giant leap into the world of home automation with the launch of its innovative Android@Home software system.

Android @ Home will provide a platform for a diverse range of new open source applications to sync lighting, heating, security and home cinema devices using Android Mobile Phone and Tablets. The Android @ Home system will appeal to many software application developers whom are looking to break into the industry as Androids Software will provide a steady foundation to launch innovative programs to enhance and control devices around the home.

During a riveting presentation by the Google development team, there were suggestions that the new Android@Home system could set new standards within the home automation industry by enabling lights to turn on and off based on calendar events in the year and also enable greater communication between other different devices around the home. There was even the outrageous suggestion that Android could help with daily chores around the house, controlling washing machines, dishwashers and more!

The first sight of a remarkable demo of the Android-powered “Tungsten” device hub was also released to the media. Using RFID embedded into CD cases the device was able to detect the CD and add it to your library. Another touch and it started automatically demonstrating outstanding potential for developers in the future.

Many would argue that this level of control is currently available within the home automation marketplace. Leading home automation software systems like Control4 can already enable users to carry a tablet device around the house and switch off lights or access multiple forms of media, whether its images, video or music from a central media hub. But it appears Google is strategically placed to bring a greater level of synergy between devices in the home and are actively creating a smart home for all.

Android @Home is without doubt an innovative starting block for Google to appeal to the mass homeowner marketplace with this home automation product. But with established products already in the marketplace, it will be interesting to see the level of control and functionality created over coming months.

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