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2012 – The year of 3D Television?

Is 2012 the year of 3D television?

The record breaking success of Avatar at the box office last year was the first step in the inevitable transformation of the way in which television, movies and games are displayed in our homes for years to come. With over 70,000 + new Sky 3D subscribers in the UK, it appears now is the time to upgrade your televisions to take advantage of the new wave of 3D entertainment on offer.

Backed up by the launch of Sky’s first dedicated 3D television channel next month, 3D technology is simply the “must have” accessory in the home cinema industry. The range of high quality 3D televisions already on the market, including the Sony KDL-52HX903 and the Samsung UE55C9000 are simply breathtaking and that’s not even mentioning the new range of HD Projectors launching later this year including the much anticipated Samsung SP-A8000 3D home theater projector which will be the first mainstream projector to broadcast in Full HD.

Leading broadcasters Sky and BBC have invested heavily to ensure new HD and 3D content is readily available for subscribers whether you’re looking to watch your favourite documentaries, movies or sports channels. The passionate sports fan would have to agree that 2011 is the year for 3D sport with major events including the Champions League Final, Rugby World Cup Final, Cricket World Cup Final and Wimbledon all broadcasted in both high definition and 3D across the UK.

Away from broadcasting, 3D Technology is also expanding into additional markets with a dramatic rise in the number of Bluray 3D movies now in production and even the gaming industry has embraced 3D technology to enhance the experience of online and offline gaming. The launch of leading titles Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo 5 have set an industry benchmark for 3D entertainment this year and will surely spark a range of 3D games over coming months.

Through installing a 3D home cinema system, not only can you enjoy 3D displays but also 3D sound with a range of quality speaker systems available to support Dolby digital surround sound. Smarta Technology a leading provider of 3D home cinema installations has created bespoke systems to captivate the best style, sound and vision available in the marketplace as part of an integrated of home automation system.

Our team of industry experts have also engineered new ways to facilitate social media with internet connected TV sets. Enabling to check the latest gossip on Facebook and Twitter through a click of a remote control.

To find out more information about 3D Home Cinema Installations please visit or give us a call on 0845 430 762.

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