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iPad 2 Review – A Home Automation Perspective

iPad2 Review

The latest member of the Apple “I” revolution, the iPad 2 is scheduled to launched later this month to solidify its dominance of the tablet market.

iPad2 Review

iPad2 Review

The original iPad has quickly established itself as one of the most commonly used control devices for home automation systems and despite an emergence of alternative tablet devices using android and windows software, there appears no stopping the iPad2 dominance for the foreseeable future.

Although regarded by some sceptics as just a large iPhone or a mobile laptop, there is so much more to the iPad2 than first meets the eye. The tablet has all of the original qualities and more that helped the first iPad create a niche market between touch screen mobile phones and high-end laptops.

The iPad2 is built with the consumer in mind. It’s simple to use, finger-friendly and offers access to a massive selection of apps and games, which can be easily downloaded from the Apple Store. Most users would love the option to turn on Flash in the browser and load external video files easily, but these drawbacks don’t stop us from falling in love with a gadget that provides such a fun, fast and user friendly portal into the Web. The fact that the iPad 2 delivers all this potential in a slimmer, faster package than its predecessor, without losing any of the battery life, which is understood to last around 10 hours before recharging, makes the iPad2 a worthy successor to its predecessor.

With the upcoming wave of Android tablets about to enter the market, the iPad 2 may face some competition to hold onto its supreme market dominance. But despite the android offering dozens of USB ports, HD cameras and widgets which aren’t available on the iPad, it doesn’t guarantee that the Android tablets will be as fun or easier to use than the iPad 2. If you can’t live without a memory-card slot or Flash support then the iPad2 may not be the choice for you, but with most websites now removing flash to accommodate iPhone and iPad users it may only pose a temporary problem for internet and gaming enthusiasts.

Home Automation Perspective of the iPad2

From a home automation perspective, the iPad2 will accelerate loading times for downloadable online media, not to mention enhance the functionality of control systems including Control4. With its user-friendly IOS 4 software, it’s certainly the smart choice for any home automation system and at considerably good value for money.

iPad2 Review: Overall Summary

Overall, the Smarta Technology team can’t wait for the launch of the iPad 2 and for anyone looking for a control panel to function with automated home software like Control4 – look not further as the iPad 2 really is the best solution on the market.

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