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Why Internet Ready TV is the buzz of 2012

What makes internet ready television the must have for home cinema systems in 2012?

This year has seen a wave of Internet Ready Televisions entering the home cinema industry asking the question: Is an Internet ready television a must have for any new home cinema installation?

What is Internet Ready Television?

The Internet is becoming an integral part of people’s daily lives, and more and more devices offer new ways to stay connected. As a longtime hub of information and entertainment, it’s only natural that the television has followed suit.

Internet-ready TVs take the web content that has been increasingly popular in external devices such as video game systems, set-top boxes, DVD/Bluray players, etc and delivered it directly to your television.

Unlike older television systems, Internet Ready Televisions are equipped with an Ethernet port (and often a wireless connection or add-on) much like your PC or other network devices. Once connected to your router, they use your broadband Internet connection to provide you with content.

Content varies depending on manufacturers and models, but one can gain access to streaming video and music services (both paid and unpaid), smartphone-like applications or widgets, social networking tools, online photo galleries, and plenty more. Manufacturers continue to expand their offerings by the minute and can extend their devices’ abilities via firmware updates–a distinct advantage over analogue sets of yesteryear.

Why Internet Ready Television?

The powerful range of new “smart tvs” entering the market in 2013 has given a clear message “customers want more content, for free, right now.”

Sporting the industry standard HD screen and performance specifications, Internet Ready Televisions have the added value benefit of providing viewers with the capacity to watch any television show they wanted at any given time.

Similar to Laptops, Smartphone’s and Tablet devices, Internet Ready TV can access a library of the latest movies and television shows using BBC iPlayer or Netflix. This provides users with an extensive range of televisions shows without having to be in front of a television screen and with more apps being developed to enable better content sharing, the home cinema industry is expected to grow significantly over the next 3 years.

Further information on Internet Ready Television Home Cinema Systems

If you are looking to install a home cinema or home theater system as a stand alone installation or part of a home automation installation it would benefit greatly from an Internet Ready Television which will provide you with a product that will have the capacity to offer the very best in home entertainment accompanied with powerful internet ready applications to bring the perks of a personal computer to the big screen.

For more information on Internet Ready televisions a part of a home cinema system please visit Http://

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