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How Can Remote Access CCTV Footage At Home Benefit Your Working Life?

For all the hours spent decorating, cleaning and building memories, your home, whether it’s a one bedroom studio or a 5 storey mansion is truly your castle. Like a finger print, no two homes will be the same, and over time they become not just a place to eat and sleep, but an extension of your personality and all the things that make you, you.

For families or working adults, the home is usually the people hub. With people coming and going, busy schedules, and all kinds of pets, keeping on tabs on just about everything is a near impossible feat. A typical morning could involve getting up, making breakfast, ironing their uniform, feeding the puppy, preparing lunch, leaving the house, leave a key under the door for the teenagers, locking up before driving to work, plus many, many more steps in between.

By installing a remote access smart CCTV security system it isn’t just about security, it’s the peace of mind that you can check up on things anywhere at anytime. Sometimes even the most rational of thinkers can’t shake the feeling they’ve left the iron on, locked the puppy in the living room mauling the sofa, or even suspecting their children of bunking off school. Human instinct is a powerful tool and not to be underestimated and the feeling something isn’t quite right can be a huge distraction, especially without the ability to readily check-up.

Simple systems can be easily set up in your home, and accessed virtually anywhere through a smart phone. From the smallest things such as checking the lights are off, to clarifying your children are home safely from school, being able to work worry free or at least will as few stresses as possible is key to balancing a hectic lifestyle, although we recommend  checking out your pets sleeping positions too for the added awww factor!

A licensed installer of COntrol4 smart security solutions, Smarta Technology operate accross Cardiff and Wales installing bespoke home automation systems. If you would like to discuss remote access CCTV security systems in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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