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Is it time to invest in a 4k Television?

The latest revolution in the home cinema market are 4k televisions – and they are very rapidly becoming the new standard for home cinema systems, since they take watching movies and sporting events with powerful sound and vivid colours to the next level!

What is a 4k TV?

Most people are aware of high definition –this has been heavily promoted by almost every TV brand and cable service provider for the last decade. But things are beginning to change with the introduction of Ultra HD and 4k. This revolution gives the viewer four times the resolution of high definition (eight million pixels as opposed to two.) While this may sound impressive, what does this actually mean when you sit and watch the latest blockbuster or a remastered classic?

The benefits are simple and are clear to see – literally. The picture is clearer and allows you to see more detail. The images also have a better texture, providing an almost photo-like quality. Unlike some HD imagery, the quality of the picture will not vary depending on where you sit, so you can be face on or side facing and still be watching a truly incredible picture.

Should you believe the hype?

Some people may be cynical about purchasing a 4k television for their home cinema. Many people thought 3D technology would be the next step up from standard HD televisions. However, some people find wearing the glasses uncomfortable and as such this has meant that the 3D technology has not been as universally accepted as some people predicted.

The major difference with 4k is that because it is a development of HD technology it will not require additional 3D glasses. People will be able to sit and enjoy the improved quality of the picture without having to continually keep their 3D glasses in place!

Will I have to replace all my Blu-Rays?

4k televisions will still play your Blu-Rays and DVDs. Companies are producing 4k Blu-Rays and content for on demand video services so it is worth checking sites to keep an eye on what is available both now and in the future.

Will I be able to get a 4k TV in my bedroom?

At present 4k is mainly on larger screens. However it is predicted that as the technology becomes more affordable it will reduce to around 55 inches. Experts are predicting that there is unlikely to be much of a market for smaller 4k screens because a smaller screen size will result in inferior resolution.

Is it worth the investment?

This is a difficult question to answer, since it is very much dependent on an individual’s own preferences and priorities!

However, opinion in the industry seems to indicate that 4K televisions are going to grow in popularity – and soon be a necessity in Home Cinemas. This confidence is increased by the fact that the 4K technology is built upon a technology that already has proven to be very popular, namely HD.

Ultimately if you want the best possible picture quality for your home cinema system then it is worth putting in the extra investment for a 4k television!

Would you like to know more about 4K Home Cinema?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss the installation of a 4K television for your Home Cinema room or sitting room. We will be happy to recommend the best 4K television to suit your need as well as a sound system and mood lighting to give you the ultimate movie experience! In addition, we are also able to advise you multi-room audio visual setup and smart lighting controls to help you relax after a busy day, together with security systems to give you peace of mind.

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