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Smarta Technology open new showroom at Space Fitting Furniture

Interactive showroom demonstrates future of home automation technology

Home Automation specialists Smarta Technology has today opened its first interactive showroom on Colchester Avenue in Cardiff. The new showroom has been created by Smarta Technology’s electrical engineers to provide customers with an opportunity to interact with the latest innovations within the home automation industry. The purpose built £15,000 facility is equipped with a range of smart home automation features including home entertainment, lighting, heating and an energy management system to showcase the way of life provided by a next generation home. Mark Wray Managing Director of Smarta Technology said  “The showroom enables customers to use switches, smart phones and tablets to interact with the latest products available within the home automation industry.  We have invested in this showroom to bring the smart home experience to a wider marketplace.” “ The facility has been designed to provide customers with a hands on experience of what home automation can offer. Some customers may require a single installation of a home cinema system while others may require a more advanced installation giving complete control of features within their home. The facility is designed to assist in this decision making process. “

The showroom forms part of an exciting marketing agreement between Smarta Technology and bespoke kitchen designer Space Fitting Furniture as both businesses seek new ways to add value to their existing product offering. Steve Bloom Managing Director of Space Fitting Furniture said, “Our agreement with Smarta Technology provides a unique way for us to add value to our existing product offering.  With all our kitchens designed to meet individual customer specifications, we can work with Smarta to provide lighting, heating and room comfort systems to enhance our product offering.” The first showroom of its kind in South Wales, Smarta Technology are committed to developing further demonstration facilities as the business strives to become Wales’s largest independent home automation installer by 2015. For more information on Home Automation, Home Cinema or Lighting Control please visit Ends

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