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Top tips for selling your home!

Selling your home should feel like preparing it for its first blind date, you probably won’t know who is interested in buying your home, so you need to make it look as appealing as possible. The first viewings are all about first impressions, or how attractive they find you. With dating, it takes us humans a mere seven seconds to work out if we fancy our possible suitor, and it’s the second (or third, fourth etc) that we see the practicalities and how suited you are in the long run. The same theory applies to house hunting, if you don’t wow them in the first few rooms, or even as soon as they enter the door, it will be virtually impossible to imagine a long and happy future together.

So just how do you make that killer first impression? The first rule is making sure your house scrubs up well. While spending money on a home you want to leave sounds counterproductive, a splash of neutral paint on brightly toned walls, a fresh lick of paint on skirting boards and windowsills, and even replacing broken and tiring light bulbs gives homes more of a ‘ready now’ feel.

Secondly, no one wants to make the move on someone clearly not over their ex, so do a bit of work depersonalising your home. By placing over personal items or unnecessary furniture into storage, you home will look and feel bigger, but let your potential buyer imagine their belongings in place easier. Also for viewings, try and keep any pets out the way, you may find little Tiddles adorable, but if your buyers allergic to cats they could spend the whole viewing sneezing adding a huge negative vibe.

It’s also important to assess your weaknesses and work ways around them. For example if your bathroom or kitchen is particularly small, get a few quotes on work to expand them, so either you or your home selling wingman A.K.A your estate agent can big up your home and become a step closer to sealing the deal.

Finally, if you are selling your home, you are also more than likely viewing your next house, so pick up tips from other homes you are viewing, what appeals to you, may also appeal to potential buyers of your home too.

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