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What are the benefits of Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor Heating, what can it offer you?

Smarta Technology are often asked about the benefits of underfloor heating in a home. Here are some core reasons how underfloor heating can benefit your home:

  • Underfloor heating provides ultimate comfort levels as it is largely radiant. Radiant energy from the heating flooring is absorbed by others surfaces in the room i.e tables, chairs, door and as a result these become secondary radiant emitters thus making the room warmer.
  • Unlike radiators there are no floor drafts with underfloor heating. Floor drafts occur in a room which uses radiators as a method of heating as radiators use the air in the room as the mode of transport to move hear around the room. The hottest point in a room that has radiators is at ceiling level and the coolest point is floor level causing floor drafts. Underfloor heating eliminates this discomfort as heat is distributed evenly around the room maintaining a consistent temperature.
  • Underfloor heating is energy efficient, according to The Energy Trust a typical gas-heated three-bedroom semi could expect a saving of around £20 a year on its energy bills.
  • Underfloor heating provides extra space around the home as there is no need to install large and bulky radiators which instantly makes a room more appealing from a design perspective.
  • Underfloor heating is extremely versatile and can be applied underneath a multitude of flooring meaning that flooring which is typically cold to stand on (tiles, stone) can be heated to a cosy temperature.

Summary Of Benefits Of Heating Control

Overall underfloor heating provides its users flexibility and evenly distributed room temperature using the latest in heating technology.
Smarta Technology specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of heating control systems to both public and private customers across the UK. Smarta are able to provide a custom heating control system all of which can be controlled from a click of button on a control panel in the home or smart phone.

Smarta Technology are licensed installers of Heatmiser Systems. These can be controlled using Control4 Home Automation Software.
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