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Set the Lighting and the Mood

Setting the right scene for those magic moments can turn a house into a home – whether it’s for a romantic meal for two, dimming the lights for a movie or creating a subtle glow to curl up under the duvet with a good book.

Life in your home should feel simplistic and lighting control can contribute to helping create that simple relaxed atmosphere any family would want after a hard day at work or school.

Simple things such as being able to control a rooms lighting from your tablet or smart phone not only saves you a few steps but can also help lower your carbon footprint.

Moving away from a standard on/off switch and towards pre-set mood lights, can save blinding your sleepy children with a flash of light in the morning. We can install lighting that gradually increase in brightness to replicate that of the sun rising in the morning.

Throughout your home you may find the brightness of a children’s bedroom, doesn’t fit the tranquility of the study, or certain times of the day require different amounts of light. With our mood lighting, you can schedule the brightness of each room to your daily routine, meaning your home can adapt around you and create the perfect setting for any occasion.

Smarta Technology lighting control systems can even save you money too, by making sure you only use the light you need, making it a great way to make your home energy efficient and keep extra cash in the pocket for the nicer things in life.

Need to control more than your lighting? Why not integrate heating, security and audio visual with your smart system using @Control4?

With over a decades experience in the mood lighting control and lighting installation services our team can install a system you desire at a budget your comfortable with. So give Smarta Technology a call today! Flicking a switch on to mood lighting might just the brightest idea you make for you and your family.

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