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Digital technology around the home to reshape political campaigns of the future.

Digital technology around the home to reshape political campaigns of the future.

A welsh home automation specialist has today claimed that a new wave of digital

Mark Wray - Smarta Technology

Mark Wray - Smarta Technology

gadgets around the home is having a significant impact on the way in which political parties engage with the voting public.

On the eve of the Welsh Assembly Election, Mark Wray managing director of Smarta Technology said:

“The growth in internet ready televisions, smartphones and tablet devices has brought social media away from the study or bedroom and into the living rooms of households across the country. When installing home automation systems nearly every component can now communicate directly with the Internet, whether it’s a touch screen control panel, games console or an Internet ready television, which is transforming the way in which political parties communication messages into your home.”

With an estimated 1 in 5 people in the UK now owning a smart mobile phone and with over 2 billion people worldwide actively online at any one point, political parties have began to embrace social media marketing as part of political campaigns.

The recent “Yes For Wales” campaign using viral marketing on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, to appeal to younger voters. Mr. Wray emphasised that this is just the beginning of a long-term trend.

“With basic home automation being pre installed into many new build houses, its evident that this will significantly transformation the way in which social media is accessed around the home. Marketers will have the tools to segment markets into different groups including age, sex and social classes. From a political prospective this will help communicate specific messages to the right target audience and with the growing App culture there appears to be exciting times ahead for politics.”

Although the rise in accessible social media at home is likely to encourage more young people to get involved with politics in the future, social media can also be a communication tool that can significantly damage a reputation of an individual or party. With the recent case of politician Colin Elsbury whom was instructed to pay out £53,000 to town councilor Eddie Talbot after he wrongfully tweeted his rival had been thrown out of a polling station last June, identifying that a miss communication on twitter can result in significant consequences.

Mr Wray continued “Its important for political parties to consider social media marketing as if they were talking directly to the public. A comment online can be received by voters within seconds from devices around the home and if inaccurate or offensive it’s very difficult to rectify.”

A leading provider of smart home and Control4 automation systems, Smarta Technology aim’s to become the UK’s largest installers of home automation technology by 2015.


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