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Home Theatre Systems For Premiership Football

With the opening weekend of the Premier League just under 3 weeks away – is it time to replicate the live stadium atmosphere in your own home?

If you haven’t heard the news, you’ve clearly been hiding under a rock, ontop of a mountain or in a land far far away – Cardiff City have been promoted to the premier league! This means there is no better time to stock the fridge with a few beers, text your mates and finally upgrade the old TV to a brand new home cinema system!

Its the ultimate feature for any home, a brand new TV with stunning HD visual display and 3D surround sound making you feel like you are really there in the stadium, your partner tutting in the background or kids pestering to watch the latest cartoon animals, will be a massive crash back to reality, so here are some tips to convince them it’s a great idea (and not just for the football).

A brand new home cinema installation is a gift for the whole family. It can turn family films from an afternoon slump on the sofa, into an adventure! The surround sound makes you feel like you’re really there which makes hiding from pirates, swinging through the jungle or finding fish under the sea a more interactive experience, while the HD picture gives truly jaw dropping quality that can rival that of the big screen in your local cinema.

If you have a games console set up to your main TV, you’ll find the HD graphics and sound add to your gaming experience, especially for multiplayer games such as rockband or Mario party where the whole family can get involved!

And finally, the TV is usually entertainment hub of the household, so if you’re going to invest money on a big family purchase, it makes sense to splurge on something everyone can benefit from, whether it’s for passing the time, entertaining the family when the weather is at its worst, keeping you amused when you’re not feeling well or for simply enjoying your favourite household shows together on, it really is a gift for everyone.

But of course, installing a home theatre system to showing off to your mates when you invite them over to watch the game is a pretty good reason too!

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