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What Does Your Home Say About You?

If you’ve been glued to the TV on a Saturday night, chances are you’ve stumbled across Keith Lemon’s new show Through The Keyhole, a show where we see Keith pottering around an unknown celebrity house, leaving his panel of guest to guess who’s abode he is causing havoc in.

From Mary Berry, Tom from McFly to Carol McGiffin, each identity was revealed based on clues on the house alone, leaving us with the question, how much does your home really say about you?

While it can’t be as simple as bright colours mean you’re happy, fluffy cushions mean you’re a girl, it’s hard to deny that our homes eventually begin to morph around our personalities, which given the amount of time we spend in them, is hardly surprising. Even fully furnished rental properties can have tell-tale signs based on small decorations, personal belongings or even the washing up left in the sink.

Obviously one of the biggest key factors that isn’t covered in the show is location. Even without décor or furniture, a peek over at daytime TV location, location, location tells us the area is often more important than the home itself. The postcode usually gives an indication to wealth, as well as dictating whether the home owner is considering children or the bar scene, the country life versus city careers.

As the bare skeletons of houses are becoming increasingly similar, they lack the unique qualities many of homeowners are seeking for. How we choose to furnish out home is often the only way we can add personality, just like choosing the clothes we wear. From furniture, layout, decorations, trinkets to the colour of your walls, the longer you spend in your home, the more of your character you will notice. And just like your fashion style, as you grow older, no doubt aspects of your home will change too.

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