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Are you benefitting from the latest Control4 software update?

Control4’s latest operating system, OS 2.6, contains many improvements for the functionality of your home automation system which will make your experience more enjoyable. It provides an enhanced interactive design and a streamlined consistency that you can use on all of your devices – whether a tablet, smartphone, touch screen or on-screen. The Control4 experience has never been more elegant or efficient!

Music throughout the Home
Control4 now delivers a reimagined whole-home music experience that allows customers to integrate over 45 streaming music services, regardless of whether those services originate through Control4 or through products from third parties such as Autonomic, Fusion Research, Sonos, or Video Storm. With OS 2.6, homeowners, their families and guests can now listen to their favorite artists as well as discover new music through popular music services such as Beats, Pandora, Rhapsody, SiriusXM, Slacker, Songza and Spotify. The integrated visual music interface also features big, bold cover art accompanied by artist, track, and song information so listeners can enjoy virtually any popular music source with high-quality audio and visual experiences.

An Enhanced Comfort Experience Featuring New Pool and Spa Control
In addition, Control4 delivers an interactive pool and spa control experience that makes it easy to turn the pool heater on or off, adjust the spa temperature, or crank the jets from iOS and Android smart devices, as well as from Control4 touch panels and onscreen TV interfaces. The new user interface shows a recognizable water-in-motion animation when pool or spa pumps are on and when the heaters are running.

Control4’s easy-to-use comfort interface allows customers to easily connect, control, and orchestrate the everyday devices that make life more comfortable, such as thermostats, fireplace sensors and motorized shades. Homeowners can easily access a snapshot view of all the sensors throughout their home, checking on status of activity via intuitive icons throughout the enhanced Control4 user interface.

Peace of Mind at Home and Away: A New Security Experience
Whether inside or outside the home, the new Control4 interface makes it easy to instantly gauge the status and security of a customer’s home from any iOS or Android smart device. OS 2.6 seamlessly integrates a broad range of sensors that can detect water leaks, identify when doors or windows are open, and monitor a host of other safety devices and systems. The new time-stamped activity tracking capability also provides homeowners with instant information about the status and security of their home, whether they are relaxing in their living room or working in another country.

Additionally, Control4 integrates with hundreds of surveillance cameras, alarm panels and network video recorders (NVRs). Using the same Control4 interface used to monitor the security of their home or business, homeowners can easily lock or unlock doors, open or close gates, control lights, and more – providing them not only with convenient control but also with additional peace of mind.

Do you Have the Current Controller? Enjoy the Current Upgrade Discounts Available!

In order to take advantage of these improvements to the Control4 operating system you will need to be running Control4’s current controllers – either the HC-250 or HC-800. If you are not running one of these, you will need to upgrade your primary controller.

There has never been a better time than now to upgrade from older controllers, with £125.00 off an upgrade to the HC-250 and £300.00 off an upgrade to the HC-800 (prices exclude VAT at the prevailing rate).

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of this software update or would like to upgrade you controller, get in contact with us now either by email at or on 02920 006588.

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